The Face of Cassia

Opening a New Door

We all know the expression about one door closing and another opening, but the story you’re about to read is the most literal example of that we’ve ever experienced at Cassia. The story begins in Dassel, where our Lakeside Generations community offers assisted living apartments, along with skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

Residents enjoy a special holiday meal thanks to the generous donations.
Proceeds allowed Lakeside Generations staff to host a special holiday dinner, catered by a local catering business

This past year, congregants at the nearby Orchard Christian Church in Howard Lake decided to close the church due to declining membership. The five families who were still attending church made the difficult decision to put their building up for sale.

While they were sorry to see the doors to their worship space closing, each family at the church decided to donate one-fifth of their share to a local group or cause, thereby keeping the spirit of their church alive. Congregant Kelly Smith and her husband Dean, along with their children, gave their share to Lakeside Generations Assisted Living and two other communities that serve older adults.

Making Older Adults a Priority

“When people give to others, the first thing they usually think of is donating to kids or schools,” says Kelly. “We wanted to give to older adults, because people don’t think of them as much as we’d like. We really wanted to touch that demographic!”

Proceeds allowed Lakeside Generations staff to host a special holiday dinner, catered by a local catering business. In addition, funds will help Lakeside create a spa area with a walk-in shower and whirlpool tub. The donation is especially appreciated because the building is older and it can be challenging to navigate apartment bathrooms if residents are using walkers or wheelchairs. The new spa room will open the door to all those wanting a walk-in shower or whirlpool bath.

Many, many thanks go out to the Smiths for their generosity as they closed one door and opened another. We can’t wait to invite the family to the opening of Lakeside Generations’ new spa! In the meantime, we want to share photos of our dinner, held early in January. Yet another open door—this time to a lovely celebration!

Lakeside Generations is grateful to the Smiths and all those who give generously to foster fullness of life for residents.