Life at Lakeside

You have earned
this time: live it
fully and enjoy!

I am Cassia

life at lakeside generations

Live fully and joyfully…

where beautiful amenities, engaging activities, new friends and good conversation are right outside your door!

lakeside living
Lakeside Living

Lake view patio for conversations, meals and relaxing.

deep roots
Deep Roots

Located in a charming town that values community and family connections.

exercise classes
Exercise Classes

Build strength, flexibility and overall health by moving in a way you enjoy!

beauty salon
Beauty Salon

Professional stylists provide a variety of services.

continuing care
Continuing Care

Enjoy a wide range of care and services in one place, giving you a sense of stability as your needs change.

spiritual life
Spiritual Life

Our Campus Chaplain, activities and groups all provide support for a full, rich life.

delicious dining
Delicious Dining

Fresh, delicious meals are available three times each day.

Activities, clubs, groups
Activities, Clubs, Groups

Continue a long-held hobby or explore a new interest.


Get lost in a story, continue your education or catch up on the latest news.

Be as busy as you like. The choices are yours!

You’ll find a variety of social opportunities including events, entertainment, educational seminars, guest speakers and others, chosen by those who live here and organized by our activity professionals. Trips to restaurants, attractions and entertainment are offered, and scheduled transportation will take you there.